AMRcloud (AntiMicrobial Resistance Cloud) is a web platform for analysis and sharing of AMR surveillance data

Citation: Kuzmenkov A.Yu., Vinogradova A.G., Trushin I.V., Avramenko A.A., Edelstein M.V., Dekhnich A.V., Kozlov R.S. AMRcloud: a new paradigm in monitoring of antibiotic resistance. Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2019; Vol. 21 №2. P.119-124

alpha 0.2, 11.09.2020
  • the maximum number of custom filters is increased to twelve
  • unused filters are not displayed in the interface
alpha 0.1, 02.09.2020
  • faster file upload
  • improved support for .xls files
  • changed upload animation
  • added ability to automatically combine AST results from different sources (MIC, DD, and S/I/R data)
  • added interpretation using CLSI M100-ED30:2020 breakpoints
  • added ability to create custom interpretive criteria and breakpoints
  • improved scaling of bar charts


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